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Hi, my name is Julian Winmore and prior to me helping a number of very lucky punters to build their fortune from horse race betting

I was a UK & Ireland Ratings Expert and was in close contact with a top current jockey who for legal reasons I cannot name

And it’s because of my years of experience , JockeyX , industry connections and insider secrets that I’ve been so successful in horse race betting and I can pass that success onto you TODAY!

Starting today I will help YOU become a very succesfull Punter

Each and every Month One of my new punters makes a minimum of £5,000 TAX FREE from betting on the horses, thanks to my precisely picked selections.

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All you need to do each day is copy the winning bets that I send you...It takes a couple of minutes each day as I said before

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The sky really is the limit when you’re over 100K every single year from horse race betting alone

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How on earth is this possible?

Because I know ratings.

Have you ever looked online or in the morning paper and wondered what on earth are the rankings and numbers alongside the horses?

Well, those numbers are realted to ratings or as some would call handicapping.

… But you needn’t worry about them AT ALL because I understand those numbers like the back on my hand

What I do with those numbers is put them to work in YOUR FAVOUR so at the end of the day it is my members who come out on top.

When I worked for the Racing Assosiation, I was one of a secret team who were salaried to study the performance of every horse in the UK before allocating them a handicap rating

Just a few years ago i realized how much money the company I worked for was making  so i took the decison to set up my own private service

That said service is now well known and I own it outright.

I have vast insider knowledge and contact across the UK, I get shorter priced favourites which are almost certain to win  as well as an array of longer odds selections that can and do come in with HIGH Returns

My service is perfect for each way or place backers, too.


Today's Six Bets Are Set

I feel I need not explain the ins and outs of ratings at this stage as it can be quite complex so here are a few brief points

Now, you may not know this but the horse with the highest rating carries the heaviest weight.

The amount of this top-weight is provided in the race conditions.

Trainers can usually also enter a horse rated one or two pounds above the ratings band.

This horse can run if there is space for it but it must carry extra weight above the usual top-weight. 

All the above is the long and short of ratings in UK/IRE

You do not need to understand a single thing about it as my team deal with this and set you up all ready to go

That's right my team do ALL the work for you

I’ve been in this business for decades and its so simple

My expertise benefits you is that each morning I use my insider knowledge to make my selections for day’s races.

When you subscribe to my service, I will send my expert selections straight to your inbox as well as in my newly designed member suite

I can size up a winning race card in minutes and have a strike rate second to none.

My tips are then verified with my closets insider who also goes over them with a fine toothcomb 

It's not until we are both ONE HUNDRED PERCENT SATISFIED that we send them to our punters

And thanks to my thorough method, my members make upwards of £5,000 from betting EVERY MONTH and even £10,000 is possible some Months

Absolutely no other service can provide this 

Now, here’s the most surprising part of all…

Today, right now, you can sign up for life time membership to WinLeader for a special discounted price with no hidden costs

You make back that payment in the very first few races

Daily winning horses sent directly directly to your chosen email and also readily available in the punters suite too

I must say the future is looking very bright indeed.

And for your peace of mind, when you sign up today you’ll be doing so with a 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee,so you know your money is safe.

This really is a no brainer.

Sign up to my team today and become part of a a winning team right from the off

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Not everyone will get this extremely unique opportunity to work with me and my team and have the opportunity to come and meet me and the team in person on an all expenses paid visit

Quit the job you hate, buy everything you’ve ever wanted and really impress that special someone.

You’d be mad to pass up this rare opportunity.

I'm not going to bore you with the long list of messages from customers but here is my all time favourite quote from Darren

Right now as you’re reading this page, memberships are being sold and before long, all 30 spaces will have been claimed and you’ll have missed your chance to change your life.

So what’s it going to be?

Will you continue to pick horses at random and waste all your hard earned money?

Or will you put your faith in an expert with insider knowledge and finally make some real profits?


Do you want today's extra cash or not

Best Wishes,

Julian W

Frequently asked questions

    Q:  Do I get instant access ?
    A:  Yes

    Q: What if If i can't get access
    A: You will receive a welcome email immediately check your mail/junk.

    Q: How often can I mail for queries
    A: As many times as required Six days a week 

    Q:  Are the tips for UK Race Courses?
    A:  Yes, all the tips are for UK and IRE race courses  

    Q: How will I know what type of bet to place
    A: We will tell you what,when and the type of stake to place 

    Q: What if I chose it's not for me
    A:  You are fully entitled to a 60 day refund from date of purchase

If there are any further questions you may have,please contact us via the master email server address and your query will be instantly diverted to the Winleader support team

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